5 June 2017

What is a Soulmate?

Obviously, being a clairvoyant one of the popular topics that I get asked about is relationships. When will I find my soulmate? Is the person I’m with my soulmate? You know, that kind of thing. So, firstly, what the hell is a soulmate? This is where I feel that a lot of people have a […]

13 February 2016

What is a soulmate?

What is a soulmate? So many people are looking for that elusive partner and wonder what is a soulmate?  How do they recognise them? Unfortunately, so many constantly wonder if there is ‘someone better’ out there for them when they have the most amazing partner, if that is you, just stop and think for a […]

31 August 2015

What is a soul mate?

So many people are looking for their soulmate. But what is a soulmate? Who is it that you’re really looking for? Are you looking for that knight in shining armor to rescue you from your life, or that princess who will make all your dreams come true? I believe too many people are looking for […]

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