5 June 2017

What is a Soulmate?

Obviously, being a clairvoyant one of the popular topics that I get asked about is relationships. When will I find my soulmate? Is the person I’m with my soulmate? You know, that kind of thing. So, firstly, what the hell is a soulmate? This is where I feel that a lot of people have a […]

13 March 2017

How to Make it the Best Year Ever!

Are you one of those people that is hoping 2017 will be a better year than the past few that you’ve been through?  You know, relationship break-ups, people we love passing away, being in a job you hate. Is 2017 going to be YOUR year? Want to know how to make it your best year […]

29 August 2016

Be proactive

I wonder sometimes if people are aware of how much our attitudes play such an important part of who we are and how we face our individual journey. You have to be proactive in being who you want to be and achieving what you want to achieve. Some people realise this and those that don’t, […]

being spiritual
1 August 2016

Being a Spiritual Person what does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it meant to be spiritual? Does it mean that you’re perfect? That you can’t get angry or upset?

22 February 2016

Does being spiritual mean life will be easy?

I think that a lot of people are under the illusion that being spiritual means life will be easy and well, it doesn’t mean that at all. I’m a firm believer that we all have our spirit guides around us at all times. I believe that we have one from birth who is with us […]

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