3 October 2017

Are you a free thinker?

How much of a free thinker are you? When someone offers a different opinion to yours do you ask them why they feel that way or do you try and tell them that they’re wrong and that they should think the same as you? How open are you to changing your opinion? So, many of […]

being spiritual
8 February 2016

What is being spiritual

What is being spiritual? What does it mean to be spiritual? Personally, to me being spiritual means many different things to many different people. I’ve had people send me messages ripping into me because they don’t believe I’m spiritual because I use the ‘F’ word when I talk and in my posts. Because that isn’t […]

2 November 2015

Be proud to be you

Don’t ever think that you have to adjust your boundaries, who you are, so that they fit the expectations of others. As we grow and learn we will adjust our own boundaries in the way that suits us and if others don’t like those boundaries or think that you are weird, old fashioned, whatever, that’s […]

12 August 2013

Blog 12th August 2013

Most people that walk through my door have a hard time delegating.  Whether that is a fear of admitting that you’re not coping and asking for help, standing up for yourself and what you want to do or they think if they admit they need help that they aren’t a good parent, employee, child, sibling […]

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