16 May 2016

transforming your life

I have known Bethany for 5 years and in an amazing journey over the past couple of years Bethany has transformed her life. When I caught up with Bethany again in February I interviewed her because I admire her so much and I hope that when you read her story and that you are inspired […]

low self-esteem
14 February 2016

What is low self-esteem

What is low self-esteem and why do we have it? GG and I went and saw Dawn French the other night, if you don’t know who she, she is an English comedienne and I just love her (star of TV show Vicar of Dibley), she is also someone who doesn’t have low self-esteem. She was […]

1 February 2016

How much should I weigh and does it really matter?

How much should I weigh is a question that I asked myself this week. As I was filling out the admission forms for hospital last week, I came to the following questions: What is my height? What is my weight? Now, height I can easily tell you, I’m 5ft 8in (173cm). My weight however, I […]

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