18 July 2016

Why Criticize women’s looks

Have you ever noticed that when someone doesn’t like something a woman says, they will quite often be derogatory about her looks? Why criticize a woman’s looks or her appearance? It’s got nothing what so ever to do with what she is saying. Let’s just go to the public arena for a moment, if a […]

low self-esteem
14 February 2016

What is low self-esteem

What is low self-esteem and why do we have it? GG and I went and saw Dawn French the other night, if you don’t know who she, she is an English comedienne and I just love her (star of TV show Vicar of Dibley), she is also someone who doesn’t have low self-esteem. She was […]

12 October 2015

Being kind to each other

I really get disheartened when I read the comments by women about other women. So this one is for you ladies:- Congratulations, if you have decided to be a stay at home mum. That’s hard work! You obviously have to balance the budget carefully to be able to do that but you’re more than willing […]

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