The Sweet Dreams Kit

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The Sweet Dreams Kit --- 'just add water'

Is your child scared to go to sleep and at times even scared to go to their room, fearing the monsters and the bad dreams that have been troubling them for a long time?

This kit has all the tools your kids will need to sleep well through the night, whatever the problem is whether it is fear of monsters or scary dreams. This kit is a one stop solution to all the problems.

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What's in this Kit?


1) Essential oils blend - ( This oil is a blend of 6 oils)

Lavender – Induces sleep and is excellent to help with nervous issues and anxiety .

Wild Orange - Can help to decrease stress and instil peaceful feelings.

Frankincense - Induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation, lowers anxiety, anger and stress .

Cedarwood - Has a great soothing and calming effect on the mind, relieving tension and anxiety .

Vetiver - It calms nervous irritations such as anger, anxiety, restlessness and nervousness.

I have used Coconut Oil instead of Almond oil as the carrier for the eye dropper (Super Shield) as I know a lot of children have a nut allergy and didn’t want to cause a reaction.

2) Colouring book - This is just not an ordinary colouring book . It is made with an intention of making the child 100 % involved in the activity. We take them through an inspiring story of a young boy who banishes the monster and bad dreams on his own. The boy in the book can be an inspiration for your child. If he ( character of the book ) can do it so they ( your child) can do it to. This book can be used for night time colouring also.

3) Dream Catcher - (various colours) to be hung above their bed and it should not be within the reach of the child. This dream catcher will catch all their bad dreams before reaching them. (It’s like a police for their bad dreams) The child will get an assurance that they are protected.

4) Spray Bottle with the essential oil - The spray is for the child to spray in all the corners of the room where he/she feels the monster will be hiding. ( This spray will have water and the essential oil blend, we will provide you with the oil, you just need to add water.)

5) Glass bottle with eye dropper - We call it the “super shield’ and a small drop of the content is to be placed on their inner wrist (they rub their wrists together) and also a drop on the back of their neck. Again, this is the same formula as the ‘monster spray’ and is meant to help the child be calm and have a restful sleep

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