Is it Time to Detox Your Life?

23 June 2017

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Do you detox yourself? Not a diet but doing a guided cleanse, whether you’re using shakes from the chemist (I’m not sure how good they are) or following the guidance of a dietician?

Last year I went for 5 days to a retreat and all of the food was vegan, and oh my god – I have to admit that it was some of the best tasting food I have EVER had!

It helped that I didn’t have to prepare it and it was all presented by chefs who loved vegan cooking!

But what about when it comes to detoxing your life?

I was catching up with a girlfriend the other day and we had a bit of a discussion about our lives and how at some point, we all seem to hit a bit of a wall.  Whether that’s a bit of a break down or we suddenly just realise that we’ve held on to so much crap (emotionally) in our lives and that we need to sort through all that crap!

It’s not easy to do, you always need to face some things that you don’t really want to face but in doing so you free yourself up so much.

We talked about journalling, which can be an amazing eye opener when you really start to just being honest when writing all your thoughts and feelings out.  It’s amazing how many times you’ll have an ‘Aha!’ moment when you realise that you think a certain way because of something that someone said when you were 5 that has buried itself there in your subconscious.

How about you? Do you have limiting thoughts?

Now, in the course of our conversation I have no idea how we got to talking about clothing but we did and she mentioned that she still had clothes in her that were a size 10.  In fact she had clothing pretty much all the sizes that she has been in this life.

And I said to her, ‘why are you keeping them? I mean, even if you did get back down to a size 10 you wouldn’t want to wear them.  They’d be out of fashion and seriously you would want to go and buy a whole heap of new clothes!’

And I believe that by holding onto those old clothes (and I’m talking everyone here not my friend!) you’re not accepting yourself the way that you are.  Sure we should all focus on being healthy and you know from previous blogs I’m against scales and weight but about health and fitness – but I feel that by holding onto those ‘skinny’ clothes it’s a constant reminder of what a failure you are, that you’re still not in those clothes.
Every time you look in your wardrobe at those clothes you can’t fit into, how do you feel about yourself?

But it’s not even just clothes, what about old messages from people no longer in your life that are hurtful?
What about photo’s of people that bring up bad memories?

Are you keeping things as an unconscious way of beating yourself up?

Have a think about everything that you have surrounded yourself with, those things that you’re holding onto and with every single thing ask yourself this….

Does this bring me happiness?

If it doesn’t, then get rid of it, donate to a charity or sell on eBay.  It doesn’t matter but remove everything from your life that doesn’t bring you happiness.

Because if you’re not surrounding yourself with things and people that you love – then you’re doing yourself a big disservice.

Don’t hold onto things because you think you ‘should’ and that goes for all those presents you’ve been given that you never use and don’t like!

And I can tell you this little secret – our loved ones in the spirit world don’t care if we get rid of something that was theirs.  They don’t have any attachment to it at all.  So if you want to sell grandma’s necklace – then go for it! She won’t mind.

It’s liberating. Detoxing your life. It’s freeing and I do believe that when you do this, you’re sending a message out to the universe to bring you new things that you will love.

And my friend? Well the photo is the six piles of clothes that she donated to charity – with the comment that it was liberating and she felt great!

Wouldn’t you like to feel that way too?

Katrina Jane

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