The tough times are the winter of our lives.

27 July 2017

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I was waiting for GG to drive the car out of the garage so I could hop in the other day, and I noticed the vine on our neighbours wall. I’d taken a photo of this vine and shared it previously on Facebook when the leaves were a mix of beautiful autumn colours.


Now, there are no leaves left, just the vine itself.  And it just reminded me that our lives are like the seasons and I just wanted to remind you.


That the tough times we go through are the winter of our lives

Especially when we are emotionally hurt.  We just like to hibernate, and kind of die off and not contact people and like plants we go into a status where we are rejuvenating behind the scenes, whether that’s you seeing a counsellor or doing healing work.


It doesn’t matter what or how, it just matters that it is and we are and we are slowly bringing ourselves back to a fresh new start, the spring in our lives.


Think of your emotions as the seasons, they come and go, nothing stays forever, and when you’re going through those tough times, know that they won’t last because you are going to rejuvenate yourself, but it takes time, just like each season, you don’t die off and spring right back.


Allow yourself time to heal.


But don’t wallow there.  Remember those plants that die off and then rebloom.  And if you think that you’re in a place where you will never bloom, you will never be that same person again.


You’re right, you won’t be.  You’ll be that plant that is replaced with another one, the same kind of plant but it is different and that’s OK, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t as beautiful as the previous one, it’s just as beautiful in it’s own right.


Remember that, when you come out of your winter, you won’t be the same but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the best that you can be.


As that saying goes, flowers don’t compete with each other they just bloom and share the beauty that they are with others.  


Don’t try and become your old self.


That’s what the winter of your soul is about, rejuvenating, changing, adapting to what is now, and that’s what you’ll do, you’ll get through this hard time and you will bloom again, differently, stronger and adapting to your new surroundings.


And that’s a good thing, change is actually good otherwise you will just wither and die and not be able to bounce back at all.


Enjoy this winter of your soul.  Look on it as a positive thing, a time of healing and growth getting ready for the spring that is just around the corner.

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