Are you waiting for the perfect life?

20 July 2017

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Do you dream of the perfect life?  Are you waiting for that perfect person to come into your life?  Maybe you feel that when everything is perfect then you’ll be able to be happy?

I hate to break it to you …… but …….

Did you know that for most of your life, nothing really wonderful is ever going to happen?
That living a ‘perfect’ life actually doesn’t exist?

If you get up every morning and hate going to work and you after work if you don’t make the time to sit down and have a meal with your family or friends, well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the chances are that you’re not going to be very happy with your life.

If you think being happy or unhappy is based on what type of job you do, or that you need to win lotto so you can be a millionaire or your partner needs to be absolutely perfect or taking that world trip, well you’re not actually going to be happy for much of your life.

I think the media have a lot to answer for – TV shows like The Waltons, The Brady Bunch etc. have put in our minds that our lives have to be a perfect existence.

Perfect doesn’t exist.

It’s a complete figment of our imagination.  Take for example a relationship, you have two people who are very different trying to live together.  Seriously, do you not think that is going to take some bloody hard work to make a relationship happen?  You’re going to fight, make-up and fight again, that’s actually normal.  Getting pissed off is normal.  Being verbally or physically abusive is not.

And then when you throw kids into the mix and their personalities, well that’s going to take even more time and effort.

You need to stop thinking that happiness is based on anything like that because those big events don’t happen very often, which means you’re going to be miserable and unhappy for most of your life.

Happiness depends on the simple things.

Like a yummy breakfast or maybe seeing flowers in your yard or maybe the neighbours when you go for a walk, and what about stopping and smelling the flowers or watching the bees buzzing about their work?
And I don’t know about you, but I love nanna nap!  They are brilliant, or a nice hot cup of chai tea, now that makes me feel good and happy.

If instead you decide that your happiness is on those little things that you experience every single day, then you’re going to be happy every single day.

What little things make you happy? >>Click here

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