What if your life wasn’t meant to be perfect?

27 March 2017

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What if your life wasn’t meant to be perfect?
Bear with me for a second here, I want you to just have a think about the way that YOU think your life should be. How many of us dream of that ‘perfect’ existence? That ‘perfect’ life? But what if our lives aren’t actually meant to be like that? What if that ‘perfect’ life that you’re trying to attain and spending a lot of energy trying to attain actually doesn’t exist? Then all you’re doing is making yourself miserable because you think that your life isn’t any good and should be better and you focus on all those crappy things that you hate about your life.
What if our lives are meant to be just as they are?
You know what I’m talking about here, stressing over bills, our jobs, losing ones that we love, worrying about our kids all of those little things that we wish would settle down or disappear so that we didn’t have a worry in the world. I know that sounds like a crappy existence, but is it?
Think about it. If we all didn’t go through those stressful times, if we didn’t have issues with our work or our boss, relatives, kids and the rest of it, what would we do? If these things didn’t happen in our lives, would we try and better ourselves? Would we try and learn to communicate in a different way? Would we have any empathy for others? Or would you just be sitting on a tropical island somewhere wasting your brain and life away?
There is no perfect life.
Sorry to break it to you, but there is no such thing as the perfect life, you read the biography of someone that you would like to emulate, and I can guarantee that they went through hardships as well. And those people with millions in the bank, do you think they don’t go through stressful and crappy times?
What I’m getting at here is that if we all stopped wishing our lives were ‘better’ and instead just accepted that what we are going through at this point in time is what we are meant to be going through and that it too shall pass, remember, everything shall pass, those stressful times, the kids grow up, you get that pay rise all those little things that you focus on and wish weren’t in your life will go. If instead, we just learnt to go with the flow and that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to stress about things or have negative things happen in our lives, but instead of fighting against it, life would actually be a lot better for everyone.
Appreciate the good things instead of focusing on the negative.
When you realise that life is always going to throw a curly one at you, that there are always going to be ups and downs, instead of dwelling on the downs and thinking that life is so unfair because all you need is XYZ and you’ll be happy, instead focus on knowing and enjoying those good times when they happen, the little things that bring you joy in the here and now and know that it too will change, but that’s OK because that’s how IT’S MEANT TO BE. When something negative happens instead of thinking that it’s not far, just think ‘oh another test, but that’s ok that’s obviously meant to be happening now, so how should I tackle it?’
That doesn’t meant that you stop striving to learn and grow but it will stop you from thinking that everyone else has a better life than you (they don’t) and remember that life definitely shares out the crappy things to everyone living it. Just at varying times and degrees – but what is horrible for you could be nothing to someone else.
This is your life, make the best of it that you can, don’t think that your life should be better, it shouldn’t, and it’s actually exactly what it is meant to be at this time. Learn to go with the flow, just go with that ride and see where it takes you, stop wishing that your life was like someone else’s, things will change, they always do and instead of focusing on the negative, enjoy the positives.

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