What is a Soulmate?

5 June 2017

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Obviously, being a clairvoyant one of the popular topics that I get asked about is relationships.

When will I find my soulmate?

Is the person I’m with my soulmate?

You know, that kind of thing.

So, firstly, what the hell is a soulmate?

This is where I feel that a lot of people have a romantic vision in their minds of what their soulmate should be and quite often think that they aren’t with their soulmate because he /she doesn’t live up to their expectations of that unrealistic romantic vision.

I’ve also found that more females wonder if their partner is their soulmate more than men do.  Having said that, I also acknowledge that I have a much larger female clientele than male!

Well, let me tell you that when you find them, your elusive soulmate, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have the perfect relationship – far from it.  Your relationship is not going to be some frigging fairy tale with the happily ever after for all time.

You know why?

Because your soulmate is that person who is going to pull you right out of your comfort zone.

They are going to make you think twice about things and help you go and be and do all those things that you’ve been scared to.

Because your soulmate is someone who can see you far better than you can see yourself.  They can see where you’re holding yourself back and they can see where you would best shine.  They want you to be the best that you can possibly be and that the only person holding you back from achieving those amazing limits is you.

And you know what?  You’re not always going to like it.

We don’t like looking within ourselves, we like our comfort zones.  You’re going to put up blocks, have arguments and disagree with things.  That doesn’t mean that they’re not your soulmate.

Your soulmate is your dollop of cream

Your soulmate is that person who is going to make you realise that you are a whole person, you’re complete just as you are.  You are that perfect chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and you know what you’re soulmate is?  They are that dollop of cream with the strawberry right on top.  That cake (you) is perfect just as it is, but with that dollop of cream and strawberry (you’re soulmate) it just makes it all that much better.

Your soulmate will be standing in the wings cheering you on, being your number one supporter, bringing you down a peg or two when you need it.  They will be so bloody incredibly proud of all of your achievements and like an artist they are there to refine the masterpiece that you already are.

You’re going to fight with them and have disagreements, life isn’t going to be some fairytale, but they’ll have your back and you’ll have theirs.

Together you will both work your butts off to make the relationship work.

And it will be work, it won’t always flow, it will take constant talk and growth and change by both of you to keep that connection alive.

Don’t think for one moment that when you find your soulmate that’s all there is to the relationship – you don’t have to work at it, that it will just flow.  You have to work on that relationship every day that you’re with them.

And sometimes, the time isn’t right for you to be together.  Some soulmates just won’t connect in this lifetime.

They’ll connect in the next, and it could be a lesson for you in now knowing what a soulmate is and that you know what to look for next time.

That to me, sums up what a soulmate is, but the important thing to remember here is this – that is what YOU are looking for in your soulmate, that person who is all of those things but that also means YOU have to be their soulmate and all of those things to them as well.

Because when you find your soulmate, you need to bloody well make sure that you’re their soulmate as well and that you are there for them, supporting them, cheering them on as they achieve all that they are capable of achieving.  You’re the support team for each other and what a dynamic force you will be when you find them.


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