What is spirtualism?

I’m not quite sure what people expect me to be or expect of me, the instance that I am thinking of is when I corrected a person in their assumption of me because I hadn’t responded to them as quickly as they wanted – this person referred to me as ‘not being spiritual’ – which leads me to today’s question for you….. What is being spiritual?

Am I spiritual?  Yes, in part but there is also religious dogma and paganism thrown in as well and I am quite comfortable with who I am and what I believe and am happy to change those points of view.

What I don’t believe ‘being spiritual / religious / pagan’ is – is a doormat where others think that they can dictate what we are supposed to be.  Do I get angry? Hell yes, do I get hurt? Sure do, I’m human as all of us are, I am not above having those human emotions just like everyone else but some people think that having that ‘tag’ attached to you means that you just have to give in to whatever is demanded of you and that is what I do not agree with.

My belief, whatever it is, is that we should treat others with kindness and that includes animals, we should be doing what we can to help Mother Earth replenish herself, we should have a set of values that we follow, even if that is the simple ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ philosophy, what we should not do is sit back and send ‘love n light’ – we need to get off our butts and do or say something, don’t let others do the work, if we all play our part, however small we will make a change and that is to me what the ‘tag’ is all about.

So, what is your views on spiritualism/paganism or even religion?

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