What’s the spirit world like?

7 February 2018

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Ever wondered what the spirit world is like?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like when we die and go to the spirit world?

Do we see a light? Are our loved ones there to greet us? Or is there just some big void? Maybe there is nothing, when we’re well, dead.

I have had a major turnaround on this topic compared to what I was brought up to believe.

I was brought up in a very strict Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) family, (if you want to read my award winning story Christian to Clairvoyant click here) and I’m not having a go at them or anyone that believes in religion.  This blog isn’t about religion at all, but about our personal beliefs.

SDA’s believe that when you die, you are dead. There is nothing, they refer to it as being asleep but obviously not dreaming.

There’s no spirit world. There’s no hell, there’s no purgatory (and even the Catholic’s have got rid of this one!).

They believe that Jesus will come again at some time and the good will rise and go and live in heaven for 1000 years and then everyone comes back to earth that’s been made all nice and new ….

OK that’s a really condensed version!

I’ve also thought it rather horrible that those that aren’t ‘good’ for want of a better word are left on earth for a 1000 years ….. after all isn’t god meant to be forgiving and loving????

I was brought up to believe that for over 30 years and then realizing my clairvoyant abilities (did I mention that my story Christian to Clairvoyant was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards??)

I now have a very different view on what the spirit world is like.

So, what is the Spirit world like?

One thing I believe is that we won’t be afraid when we get there, that it will be a familiar environment to us because we’ve been there before. Think of it as the type of feeling you have when you ‘come home’.

I don’t get all caught up in the different levels, though I do believe that there are some, the reason for this is, have you ever noticed that those that believe in the different levels in the spirit world are always up in the higher levels??

They’re far more ‘enlightened’ than those around them and to me, that’s just a real ego thing.

However, as we learn in this world and experience things and grow, then so to do we grow and move on in the spirit world.

But what is the Spirit World actually like?

Have you seen the movie What Dreams May Come? It stars Robin Williams and I just love this movie because it says that heaven is whatever you want it to be, and I actually kind of like that!

I believe that it is whatever you want it to be. A lovely place where we are no longer human and this is a difficult one for some to comprehend.

We don’t have those human frailties that we have here. Your grandmother won’t care if you have her ring re-set so you can wear it. There’s no attachment to it anymore.

I also believe that we will recognize the souls of our loved ones when we get to the spirit world.  We won’t look like we are here because we constantly re-incarnate, but in the spirit world, we’ll know and recognize each other.

And that also includes our pets!

The ‘rainbow bridge’ theory, isn’t one that I’m a fan of.  I mean I don’t want Master Monty stuck on some bridge for years waiting for me! I want him running around with other puppy souls having fun.

My thoughts on re-incarnation are in another blog!

But our loved ones in the spirit world will try and let us know that they are around.

I also don’t think that time is the same for them as us.

I believe we see a light when we die and that all our loved ones will be there to guide us to the spirit world.

In short, what is the spirit world like? Whatever you want it to be.


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