Why some people leave our lives

28 September 2015

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Not everyone that comes along in our lives is meant to be forever, they’re not meant to be something that is beautiful and long-lasting.
When you realise that people will come into your life and people will leave your life and not all of them will stay forever, and let’s be honest you won’t want all of them to stay forever.
But what they are there for is to show you what is right for you and what is wrong for you, they are there to show you just who you can be, they may push your buttons in all the wrong ways, but by doing so, you learn what you will and won’t tolerate. They may be there to teach you to believe in yourself, and encourage you to be your best and to achieve all that you can achieve. Or they may just be there to make you feel better for a while even if they are just someone you can talk to in the middle of the night. They may be that person who is your mirror so that you can see who you really are.
Just remember that not everyone is going to stay with you forever, some will come into your life fleetingly for a soul purpose and others may be with you for a while, but regardless of who they are and how long they stay, you will still keep going, regardless.
Remember also, that YOU may be that person to them, the person that comes into their life to help them and then move on, we are all here to help and guide each other in whatever way that we can, that doesn’t mean forcing people to do what you want, but helping them think outside the square.
Make sure you thank them, even if just in your mind, for what they have given you, for what they have taught you because they have helped you in some way or other become the person that you are today and the person that you will be tomorrow.
When they leave, it just means that their job is done.

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