You are beautiful

5 December 2017

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You are beautiful.

Yes, you are, don’t argue with me, you ARE beautiful. I know that you’ll look in the mirror and start picking apart your body.

Arms to flabby. Stretch marks. Maybe a wobbly belly. Legs aren’t long enough. Bum too big. Bum too small. Boobs to saggy. Boobs not big enough.

Enough! Already.

Just because you don’t look like your version of beautiful, doesn’t mean that you’re not.

You are beautiful just as you are.

By all means try and be as healthy and fit as you can but stop with the obsessive trying to be something that you’re not.

I went shopping with a girlfriend the other week, we are both a size 8. I’m 5ft 8in and she’s about 5ft 2in. I’m an A cup – she’s at least a double D. We both went to Target and tried on exactly the same dress in exactly the same size.

It was hilarious! The dress came about 3 inches above my knee but was way below hers, tight across the boobs for her but baggy for me. Yet, we are both a size 8.

Stop being a number on your scales – in fact throw those bastards away!

Stop trying to be a number. You are so much more than that.

I constantly read with dismay about the number of women that have botox or plastic surgery trying to look younger – I mean, what’s wrong with growing older?

What’s wrong with having some lines on your face that show the world that you’ve lived and been through shit?

I feel sad for those women and men that have plastic surgery because they want to look like someone famous …. You can’t look like them because you look like you. No matter what they’ll do they’ll never, ever look just like that person.

Appreciate what your body has done for you instead of pulling it body apart.

Look in the mirror and say ‘you are beautiful’ – because you are.

Thank those feet of yours for walking you around. Those in wheelchairs would appreciate having your legs and feet, no matter how stubby or fat or ugly you think that they are.

Thank your arms for being able to hug people. Ever thought what your life would be like without arms? Who cares if there’s a bit of a wobbly bit hanging? At least you have them!

If you have stretch marks thank your body for the ability to carry a child, there are millions of women in this world that would give anything to be able to have stretch marks but will never have them.

Look in the mirror and say ‘you are beautiful’ all those wobbly bits, all those wrinkles and veins are what make you, you.

You don’t see yourself through other people’s eyes. You don’t see the love that shines out of your eyes, or the way that your face lights up when you laugh. Or how comforting it is to be hugged by your arms.

We’re all meant to be different, stop comparing yourself to others.

Enjoy the body that you have, embrace who you are and when you let go of trying to be some image of perfect that you have stuck in your brain, that is totally impossible to reach, then you’ll have a much happier life.

Because you, yes you. You are beautiful.

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  1. Kate says:

    Thank you! Needed to read this 💚

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