Your life starts right now

10 August 2015

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Don’t live thinking that the future is where it’s at. Because your life starts right now. Now, not in an hour, not tomorrow, not next week or even next year. Your life doesn’t start when you reach retirement, or when that person of your dreams arrives into your life, it doesn’t start when you move into your dream home or you land that perfect job. Your life begins right now. What you think and what you do right now.
Whatever it is that you are thinking about or dreaming about is planning for a future event, but what you do in the here and now is what will make it a reality or not. If you’re going to spend right now worrying about things, well, then you’re planning for worry, if you’re appreciating things and being happy with what you have and where you are, then you’re planning that. There’s nothing wrong with planning but don’t think for one moment that reaching that goal is when things will fall into place or that when you move into that dream home that you will be happy. If you’re not happy now, then you won’t be then, either. Don’t plan your life that everything is meant to be better in the future, make your life better right now, and that usually starts with a change in your own attitude. Make it happen, be happy.
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